The big day is coming and you’re under a lot of stress because of your seating plan ? How can we do this and not forget anything? How do I get started? Don’t panic, we’re here!

#01. What information should I indicate on the seating chart ?

Le seating plan is not mandatory, but it will be very practical in organizing the dinner.
Indeed, thanks to the seating plan the caterer will be able to easily identify guests with food intolerance or allergies, and the nanny will know at which table to find the children’s parents if necessary… So much less stress for you on D-Day!

The following is a list of information to be included on the seating plan of your marriage:
The number or table names,
The placement of your guests per table and possibly per place (see below),
Allergies and/or diets of the guests
The trick : use a color code to easily identify the guests concerned: 1 colour = 1 type of allergy/intolerance, > The seats or tables where the parents of the children present at your wedding are seated,
The place of each table in the room.

#02. The guests list

Because without a list of the guests present, it is inevitably difficult to make a seating plan…
In principle, as a born organizer, you have compiled a list of your guests at the beginning of the preparations for your wedding and you have adjusted it – after sending in the following information your invitations – depending on your guests’ answers.
Don’t over-anticipate the development of the seating plan because you could get last-minute changes!
Start by establishing a seating plan once your guests’ answers have been received and validate them the week before your wedding.
If changes occur after printing your seating plan (yes, yes, it can happen ^^), it doesn’t matter., leave it as it is (exit the corrector on top!).

Marie Chicchirichi - Wedding Planner - Moselle - Metz

#03. Define the type of seating charts

Per table: you place your guests at each table but leave them free to sit next to the person of their choice. This allows them to continue a conversation started during the wine of honour for example.

Per table and per seat: you identify the place to which each guest will be seated, by means of a nameplate. If you choose this option, anticipate and sort your bookmarks by table and order of placement, that’s as much time saved on the day!

#04. How to place guests?

Far be it from me to put pressure on you, but know that your choices will be decisive for the atmosphere of your evening and for everyone to have a good time.

So here’s our advice:

Place the guests according to their affinities and their age. For example, make a table for children (see our article on this subject here), and if you don’t want to attract the teens’ anger (argh!!!), you may want to put them at the young adults’ table.
Avoid separating couples and friends, and tables exclusively composed of singles (it’s not a speed-dating party!) or speed-dating! introverted.
Remember to sit at the same table at least two people who know each other so they don’t feel isolated.
Also take into account character incompatibilities and personal stories each other (divorce, separation, disputes…).
Where to sit you, the newlyweds ? Where you will like it! With your witnesses, your closest friends, your parents…
It’s YOUR day.
You will have understood, succeeding in his seating plan is not an easy task, now is the time to use all your talents as a psychologist…!

Marie Chicchirichi - Wedding Planner - Moselle - Metz

#05. Arrange the tables well in space

Whether you are using round or rectangular tables, you will need to think about their placement in the room. Visually, the arrangement of the tables must be harmonious.
Place the main table in the center of the room to see all your guests, don’t turn your back on them.
Arrange tables where your parents sit next to the main table.

Set up the tables far enough away from the speakers so that your guests – especially the older ones – are not bothered by noise, and leave enough space between the tables to allow enough room for ensuring smooth operation.

Identify each table by a number or a name.

#06. How to present the seating chart on D-Day?

It’s time to let your creativity run wild, the only limit is your imagination! Always keep a consistency with the general atmosphere of your big day. You’ll find a lot of ideas on the web. Do not hesitate to consult my inspirations of seating plan on Pinterest.

Install the seating plan at the entrance of the dining room, at eye level and in a sufficiently lighted area so that the guests can easily find their place (that’s the point, isn’t it?