Marie Chicchirichi - Wedding Planner - Moselle - Metz
Your Wedding in Grand Est region & in Luxembourg

It's a region with a generous and authentic nature, a heritage steeped in history that offers you a renowned cuisine and rare know-how!

This land is home to many talents, the productions of its craftsmen are exported all over the world: the Cristal Lalique, Saint-Louis, Baccarat and Daum, the earthenware factory of Lunéville... traditional skills and contemporary creations that you will enjoy admiring.

The region also offers a wide range of heritage discoveries, such as the Centre Pompidou in Metz, Art Nouveau in Nancy, La Petite France in Strasbourg, the wine route in Alsace, its Gothic cathedrals and castles, its museums and gardens... Lovers of the outdoors and green spaces will criss-cross the Vosges forests and appreciate the benefits.

You will enjoy the local specialities: mirabelle de Lorraine, bergamot and macaroons from Nancy, quiche Lorraine, Brie de Meaux, Munster, Alsace and Côtes de Toul and Moselle wines, sauerkraut, tarte flambée, pretzel, beers of character...

As for Luxembourg, it is a cosmopolitan country in the heart of Europe, renowned for its medieval walled old town and its natural parks in the Ardennes, home to many European institutions. A must have.

Let yourself be charmed and let your guests discover the best this region has to offer!

The agency organizes elegant and refined weddings, subtly combining naturalness, modernity and simplicity.
Marie Chicchirichi - Wedding Planner - Moselle - Metz
Marie Chicchirichi - Wedding Planner - Moselle - Metz
Marie Chicchirichi - Wedding Planner - Moselle - Metz


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