This day is unique and passes at a crazy speed! Submerged by a flood of emotions, you will miss many moments and small details. Fortunately, these moments will have been immortalized by your wedding photographer, for your greatest pleasure:)

Follow the tips of your wedding planner to find the right photographer for you!

Don’t miss your wedding photos! The couples who chose to skip the photographer to immortalize their beautiful day are biting every finger! As well as those who have entrusted this task to a member of the family or a friend… Between photos that we never get back and those that are blurred, badly framed, dark, soulless…

Believe our experience, choose to keep track of these memorable moments and choose a wedding photographer, YOUR photographer. Follow the guide.

#01. Set your budget

First of all, take the time to define the budget you can/wish to dedicate to the photo.

You can make concessions on certain positions but I advise you not to sacrifice the wedding photographer and do without them! The photos are all you’ll have left of your big day, so don’t hesitate for a moment, choose THE photographer who corresponds to you and whose work you really like, the one for whom you have a crush.

If you hire a professional wedding photographer, you can expect an average of 1200 € to 2800 €. The price naturally varies according to the options you have chosen and the duration of the photo report.

Most photographers post their prices on their website, which also makes it easier and saves you time: you know if their services fit into your budget and you will only contact them if they do.


#02. Hire a professional wedding photographer

Because yes, wedding photographer is a real profession, it can’t be improvised! Obviously, the professional photographer has adapted equipment and knows how to use it! Because being the happy owner of the roll of cameras is one thing, knowing how to use it is another!

Thanks to his expertise, the photographer will sublimate your wedding. As a true professional, the wedding photographer knows how to manage technical constraints (such as light and movement) and capture your emotions and those of your loved ones. It will be in the right place at the right time to immortalize those precious moments that you will enjoy (re)discovering after your wedding. It will also give you great tips on how to make your photos a success!

#03. Determine the style of photos that suits you best

When you’re looking for your wedding photographer, take a walk on the canvas, it will give you an idea. You can discover the photographer’s work before you even meet him, thanks to the photos published on the portfolio of his website.

Each photographer has his or her own style, depending on your desires:

Would you like to have photos taken on the spot or would you prefer more spontaneous photos, taken in the lively style of reporting? The photos will be much more natural if the photographer is specialized in photojournalism because he won’t ask you to pose and will know how to capture these precious moments 😉

Do you prefer film or digital photos? Most photographers use digital photography, since film requires more technical skills and knowledge of photography. Sometimes, some photographers offer both.

By answering these questions, you are targeting the type of photos you like, so your searches are easier! Once you have selected the photographers that best match your desires, style and budget, contact them.

#04. Contact the wedding photographer

You should know that you have to choose your wedding photographer on average 9 months before the day, because yes, the photographer does not have the gift of ubiquity: 1 photographer = 1 date only. As soon as you have set your wedding date and booked the venue, contact the photographers. No need to contact 50;) Start with the one you prefer. Ask him/her if he/she is available on the date of your wedding and give him/her as much information as possible about your big day (place, number of guests, desired atmosphere…). And please don’t send us emails like “quotes”, put the forms in them! You have to deal with a human being, not a machine!!

Tell the photographer why you chose him over another, it’s always nice to hear !

#05. Meet the wedding photographer

The photographer must be able to tell a story, YOUR story. He captures emotions, his photos must remind you of what you felt at that moment. It is therefore essential that you meet the photographer before engaging with him and seeing him again before your big day to make a point. Even if he is the best photographer in the world, if you are not at ease with his lens, it will be felt on the photos… There must be a good feeling between you: and yes, your photographer will be with you all day long, the human aspect is essential! Trust your intuition, if the current does not flow between you do not insist!

#06. Ask him/her the right questions

Organize yourself! Before your appointment with the selected photographer, plan a list of questions to ask him/her:

  • since when has he been doing wedding photography? is that his specialty?
  • What is included in the price? Some photographers offer all-inclusive packages, others a basic package to which you must add the options. Ask him/her about travel expenses as well.
  • sign a written contract (required) ask for a down payment?
  • is he insured?
  • will he be present on the wedding day? alone or with an assistant?
  • what time will he be there?
  • ask to see the pictures of a complete wedding: the photos visible on the photographer’s website will give you an idea of his work but by asking him to see a complete report you will be aware of the photos he can give you. Make sure that the photos they show you have been taken by him.
  • how many photos will he give you?
  • how does he or she deliver the photos to you (what format and on what medium)?
  • when will the photos be delivered?
  • What does he need on the day d to work in the best possible conditions? Make his life easier !

#07. Sign a written contract with your wedding photographer

It’s a must do ! Always sign a written contract: this protects your photographer and also protects you. The contract will clearly state the essential characteristics of the service chosen (conditions, price, number of photos delivered…) and gives you guarantees. The professional photographer will have a plan B in case of unexpected events on the day d (one never knows!) and will be able to find someone to replace him in the desired style thanks to his network.

#08. Schedule an engagement session with your photographer

Do not hesitate to schedule a commitment session with your photographer before the wedding. This will allow you to be confident and create a certain complicity with him, you will be even more comfortable in front of his goal on your wedding day, and that will be felt! These photos can also be used for write down your date and/or your wedding invitations!

#09. Prepare for D-Day

Give your photographer a list of essential pictures that you want him to take (your meeting, the entrance into the church, the exchange of alliances, your entrance into the hall, the arrival of the assembled room…), so that he doesn’t miss any of your great moments.
You should also think about giving him/her the planning for day with the precise sequence of the day so that he knows where and when to be present. On the day of your wedding, don’t forget to introduce him/her to important people who need to be photographed.

Before your wedding, locate the place where you want to do the following beforehand your couple photos. This privileged moment when you are alone with your photographer is a breath of fresh air in this day at 100 an hour! Plan a certain amount of time for the couple photos and include them in your planning. Eclipse yourself a few moments after the ceremony, for example. The most beautiful light is the one at the end of the day, take this into account!

#10. Have a blast ! 

Let’s not say that a smile is the most beautiful makeup a woman can wear? On D-Day, let go! Let yourself be guided by your photographer and above all be yourselves, FUN! Your photos will be all the more beautiful and successful if you sweat happiness

You’re worried about the search for vendors,  hire a wedding planner ! Thanks to its address book, your wedding planner will know how to find you THE perfect photographer for you!