What to do with the children of your guests on your wedding day…? Find our 5 golden rules!

You have to admit it, even if you love children, you are apprehensive to see a horde of overexcited and out of control happy toddlers arriving on your wedding day!!

Fear that the parents will leave too early in the evening to go to bed with their exhausted children, fear that the children will make big mistakes and/or get hurt, fear for your magnificent decoration that you took 10 months to refine in the smallest details, and also and most of all, it must be admitted, fear for your amazing wedding dress to which you are very attached!!

But fortunately for you, we’re here and we’ll tell you everything you need to organize yourself to occupy and channel the children of your guests on your wedding day! No stress !

#01. Make a list of the children invited on your wedding day

First of all, make a list of the children who will be present on D-Day with their first names and ages. You can request this information from your guests as soon as you send your invitations on RSVP cardboard, as we suggested in our article “10 tips from pro for wedding invitations”.

#02. Hire professionals to care for children

A nanny will look after the children invited to your wedding until the end of the evening. She will also make sure that they eat and take care of them.

Hire 1 or more nannies depending on the number and age of the children present. Count 1 nanny for 3 children aged 0-3 years, and 1 nanny for 7 children aged 4-10 years.

Also include entertainment and games for all day long, so that the children present on your wedding day don’t play with your decorations and are channelled. Professionals offer all the necessary equipment for entertainment and are used to taking care of children, success guaranteed!

It’s certain that calling upon professionals is a cost, but everyone will thank you: the parents who could have enjoyed the evening and their children who had a great time!

#03. Set a space especially for children on wedding day

Let’s face it, a child needs to move! So when there are several of them, they are no longer held ! Ideally, dedicate a space to them at the reception area so that they can be comfortable: a place where you can make them eat, play and sleep. The kids will have a great evening, at their own pace, and parents will be able to take a look from time to time to make sure everything is going well!

#04. Adapt the space dedicated to children

Make the space dedicated to children attractive and fun so that they feel good and want to stay! Always keep in mind the ambience of your wedding to offer it to your little guests.

And of course, for safety reasons, adapt the decoration of the children’s room to suit their needs. For example, forget the idea of lighting candles on the children’s table! If you really want it, opt for LED candles or light

#05. Choose a menu specially designed for children

You will have been warned, the children only want one thing: to play! They get bored if they stay at the table too long and do not eat at the same rate as adults. Spare them (and save yourselves!) dinner at the table with the adults and let them enjoy the evening in their own way.

Plan a children’s menu for your little guests who will appreciate your efforts! The classic hamburger-fried burger works every time! All caterers offer special menus for children.

The goal :

Let the children have fun and their parents enjoy this day and evening,

May everyone, young and old, keep a memorable memory of your wedding!