We will give you our best tips for the step of realizing your wedding invitations doesn’t turn into yet another puzzle! Find our 10 professional tips.

#01. Make it simple

You don’t have to make tons of them to announce your wedding. One line of action: make it simple! No need to drown your guests in a flood of information, prefer to go to the essentials. The text must be clear and the presentation airy for us to understand it.

Also, be sure to choose a font readable.
Specify the following on the main carton:

  • possibly your parents’ names
  • first names of the bride and groom
  • the date of wedding
  • hours of the ceremony at the mayor’s office, of the religious/secular ceremony and reception
  • places where ceremonies and reception will be held (possibly with GPS coordinates)
  • the desired return date for responses
  • contact details of your wedding planner or the person in charge of managing your guests’ responses (mail, email, phone…)
  • your address on the back of the envelope (think of the stamp that matches your collection of invitation)
  • If you don’t invite all the guests to dinner, realize:
    – 2 distinct invitations: 1 for guests invited to the cocktail fooding and dinner + 1 for guests invited to the cocktail fooding only,
    – or a main invitation mentioning only the cocktail fooding and add an additional cardboard “invitation to dinner” to slip into the envelopes of the persons concerned. If you wish to extend the party and organize a brunch the next day, consider attaching an invitation to the brunch with date/time/place info.

Of course, if everyone is invited to all the festivities, a single cardboard box with all the elements is enough!!

#02. Give your guests useful additional information

To make life easier for your guests, you can pouvez attach further information to your invitation, like for example:

  • a map to the reception area
  • an itinerary from the ceremony venue to the reception area
  • the course of the day
  • list of nearby accommodation
  • the dress code
  • the RSPV card: ask your guests to indicate on the answer how many adults/children will be present. Similarly, for dinner, if they have a food intolerance or allergy, you can suggest that they mention it here (type of intolerance/allergy + name of the person concerned)

Marie Chicchirichi - Wedding Planner - Moselle - Metz#03. Avoid mistakes

And yes, there are difficult messages to get across! I am thinking in particular of two sensitive points:

wedding gifts and the presence of your guests’ children on the day of the wedding…

You are already well settled in life and don’t want to end up with 10 sets of household linen and 20 pie shovels? You are wondering if it is possible to mention on the invitation the wedding list or that an box will be made available on the day of?

Well, the answer is no, it’s rather unwelcome and indelicate to write it on the invitation…. On the other hand, you can show yourself to be more refined by passing the message by the close entourage (parents, cookies…) or indicate the link of the Internet site or the blog that you have (perhaps) created for your wedding, the information will appear there!

Can we write on his invitations that the kids aren’t invited? Nooo! If you don’t want to have children at your wedding, show (many) diplomacy. Ask your parents and/or witnesses to kindly inform the relevant guests as soon as possible. You can also add a short note about invitations specifying that the location is not suitable for children.

#04. Double check !

Nothing worse than a invitations full of spelling or French mistakes! Reread it several times or have it reread by another person, it is imperative! If you call on a professional for your invitations, check the proof before validating the print, after it will be too late!

NB: If you are organizing a ceremony If you are a religious, write “in” the church and not “to” the church…

#05. Plan a sufficient number of invites

Start by making a list of your guests and count one invitation per couple or family. Always plan for more in case (+5%) you never know!

#06. Ask for a sample before placing an order

Avoid unpleasant surprises. Before ordering your invitations, ask for a sample (many designers offer it) to make sure that the quality of the paper and printing is as you imagine it to be.

#07. Coordinate your invitations to the ambience of your wedding

Think about the general atmosphere you want to give to your beautiful day and choose the right atmosphere for you invitations in the same spirit to set the tone for your guests now.

Are you being creative, who said that a invitation must be printed on paper? Also take care to use beautiful envelopes too, it would be a shame to spoil everything at this stage. The little plus: close your envelopes with masking tape, a sticker in wedding colours or a wax stamp.

#08. Include shipping costs in your budget

Be careful to include postal costs in your initial budget! And yes, send her wedding invitations by mail is far from free! Often, at first, we absolutely want to make several nice cartons (one for each type of information for a better visibility ^_^), without thinking about the weight of your envelope that increases, increases… So yes it’s adorable, but at a cost, the more cartons, the saltier the bill, think about it!


Marie Chicchirichi - Wedding Planner - Moselle - Metz

#09. Anticipate the sending of your invitations

No need to wait until the last minute to send your invitations ! Ideally, do it 3 to 4 months before the big day.

If you have made a save the date, your guests have already booked the date of your wedding in their diary but will need to know more about the course of the day in order to be able to organize themselves, especially if they come from far away.

Please also take into account the lead times for the production and printing of your invitations, especially if they are made to measure!

#10. Order thank-you cards at the same time as your invitations

Unless you want to have thank-you cards with a nice picture of your wedding, order them at the same time as everything else, it’ll save you from coming back after the wedding.